The Skyler Technologies Group, Inc.

Applied Optics and Advanced Illumination Systems

The companies that are part of the Skyler Technologies Group have been involved in a series of critical programs to provide illumination and lighting controls to US Navy vessels.       

The US navy’s Newest Amphibious Transport class, LPD 17 is using the Remote Source Lighting products manufactured by RSL Fiber Systems, LLC for a number of navigation lights.   

RSL Fiber Systems, LLC was a Team member of the ONR sponsored RSL ManTech program.  The program, headed by Northrop Grumman Ship Systems, revolutionized the RSL technology by developing an illumination system based on silica fibers, far superior to the plastic fibers typically utilized for lighting applications. 

C3I, Inc. was awarded a contract from the US Navy through the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program to develop a control and monitoring system for all lights aboard a US Navy vessel.  A prototype of the system was already installed on a vessel, with plans to implement the system on a number of new and existing ship’s classes  

RSL Fiber Systems, LLC is providing a number of illumination and signaling lights for one of the US Navy’s newest ship’s design.  Users’ feedback indicates that the RSL lights are far brighter than conventional or LED lights. 

LPD 17 Class — Navigation Lights

Advanced Lighting Control and Monitoring System—SBIR

Office of Naval Research—RSL ManTech Program

US Navy—Office of Naval Research ship

Project List

Plastic fiber output vs. Silica fiber output

(at 60 meters)